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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Goal setting

I have some time off this week. My family is out of the country visiting family and friends. I am working my behind off on projects around the house and listening to podcasts on a verity of subjects.

Some are on self improvement and others are for entertainment. I've also been able to catch up on movies that I like that my wife is not so fond of.

Why all of the personal stuff on a skills development blog?

Well all skills are personal and how you aquire them is all on your mindset. Some times you need to take some time to evaluate your goals and get reoriented to your goals.

I was taking a break and watching some US history program about the War of 1812. I started rembering when I was a child studing the US involvment in World War II (the global conflict from 1938 to 1945) I wanted to be a US Soldier. I accomplished this and more. When I was discharged from the service on medical reasons (I got fat due to Prednazone treatment for a skin rash that swelled my eys shut, during the time when they were getting anyone out they could to save money, in 1998)

Since then I have set short term goals. Now I am finally developing long term goals that are more meaningful. Now to set the short term achieavable goals to get to the larger long term goal. This is always the hard part of Lean and Six Sigma, as well as Project Management. Scope Creep is a real problem and how to manage is a very difficult process in our professional lives as in our personal lives.

For the next episode I think I will go into this instead of OEE. I will get back to OEE soon.

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